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Life Coaching for Teens

Life-coaching gives teens a place to plan for the future, get motivated and discover what they’re really great at! With a life coach at her side, a teen gets the personalized tools she needs for her life now, and guidance to meet goals and keep reaching! It’s all about the teen and her world! We can talk about everything from your new school, to your ideal summer job, to Dorm Room Dinner Parties™ and beyond! Get in touch and let’s chat about how I can help.

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Girls, I’m pumped for another great year ahead – one in which you’ll feel clear about your direction, who you are, and empowered to take on whatever you choose – together we can create a plan of action, and equip you with the tools you need to be a smashing success! Whether this year means a new school, applying to college, learning to drive, landing a new job, or balancing a smorgasbord of AP classes — I’m here for you, and I promise we’ll have fun along the way!

Parents, I’m here to back you up, while honing in on what is most important to your teen, and what tools she needs for a future she loves. I’m also a parent-coach and presenter for parents, tweens and teens.  When you really need someone else to turn to, some trusted resources during a difficult situation, or content for your next parent- or youth-program at school – I’m only an email, phone call, or coffee date away.

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