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Every Girl Could Use a Life Coach

Life-coaching enables teens to develop self-awareness at a critical stage in their development. Coaching emphasizes action and accountability through a supportive and honest coaching relationship, something that can be special and powerful when teens are trying to separate themselves from their parents, but still need the guidance and support of a concerned adult.

At a time when pressure, criticism and self-doubt so often sabotage our potential for success, Melissa’s teens are connecting with the amazing and capable people they are, articulating their feelings and dreams, and are empowered to tackle obstacles, set goals, and maintain balance in their young adult lives.

Coaching differs from therapy in several ways, but most importantly, it is about forward action for normal issues that we all might want to work on or improve. For many teens and women, these include:

  • Stress Management
  • Fostering Healthy Friendships and Relationships
  • Academic pressure and the College Process
  • Self-image and Body Issues
  • Future Planning
  • Career Development
  • A desire for independence and the life skills to get there
  • Purposefulness

What we work on is truly personal for each individual! Get in touch to learn more and make an appointment!